flush water

wash water, flush water

Water carried on a truck mixer in a special tank for flushing the interior of the concrete mixer after discharge of the concrete.
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As a precautionary measure, one private property nearest to the RUBIS site has been supplied with trucked potable water by RUBIS since the spill to offset the need to use its existing abstraction well for swimming pool and toilet flush water.
All three toilets were of the siphonic type, in which flush water enters the bowl bottom as a submerged jet directed toward the S-shaped outlet trapway, inducing a siphon effect that empties the bowl.
plumbing fixtures are certified by Water Efficiency Labeling System, including water efficiency dual flush water closet
The North Douglas district will not be replacing fixtures or pipes but instead plans to ask all staff members to flush water through the sinks and drinking fountains each morning, Lahley said.
WASA's chief is annoyed and has directed his staff to clean/ flush water supply lines and to put chlorine there.
Flush water from the anti-foam and detergent hand pumps.
The flow analysis unit (FAU) is connected to a dechlorination unit to flush water displaced during the process.
This would help improve the quality of water as it would make it possible to regularly flush water from the Creek," Alya Abdul Rahim Al Harmoudi, Head of Coastal Area and Watercanals Management Department at the municipality, said.
Their "EcoFlush" Swedish urine-diverting toilet features a urine drain in the front of the bowl, through which urine and flush water drain to a graywater system that irrigates their landscape.
Summary: Company's sanitaryware to contribute to reducing flush water usage in line with environment conservation objectives prescribed in Australia's WELS scheme .
The water exceeds cleanliness standards and is used for flush water in lavatory fixtures and for landscaping.
SUTTON - Residents in the Wilkinsonville Water District were told to flush water pipes yesterday after an excessive amount of potassium hydroxide got into the water system.