flushing cistern

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flush tank

flush tank
A tank which holds a supply of water for flushing of one or more plumbing fixtures.
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sh: providing and fixing flush doors for toilets and bathrooms, iwc and pvc flushing cistern by replacing with old damaged items with necessary fittings, wherever required
flushing cistern (same colour) conforming to IS : 7231, with flush bend and other fittings and fixtures complete including cutting and making good the walls and floors wherever required :
1.Vitreous china ceramic EWC 'P' or 'S' (white colour) with 10 ltrs capacity PVC flushing cistern with seat cover (PVC) complete with entire accessories as per good engineering practice.
Tenders are invited for Annual repair and maintenance of residential building for central goods and service tax commissionerate at sian bolpur during 2019 20 sh cleaning of jungle water tank repair of doors windows bib cock flushing cistern etc and plumbing works
Tenders invited for Supply of white vitreous china flat back wash basin of size : 450mm x 300 mm, 10 litre capacity flushing cistern, grating plates, gi clamps
Tenders are invited for P v c low leval flushing cistern 10 lits capacity with complete firrings brackets flush pipe etc