flux method

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lumen method, flux method

A procedure in lighting design used to determine the number and types of lamps or luminaires required to provide a desired average level of illumination on a work plane; takes into account both direct and reflected light flux.
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Chemists and materials scientists explain crystal growth in intermetallics from such perspectives as phase diagrams for the crystal growth of intermetallics, single crystal growth of intermetallics by the Czochralski method, chemical vapor transport of intermetallics, crystal growth of the filled skutterudite arsenides by the flux method under enhanced vapor pressure, high-quality single crystal growth in heavy fermion compounds, and electronic transport properties of complex intermetallics.
1, Na[Co.sub.2][O.sub.4] single crystal synthesized by NaCl flux method was found to be potential as a good p-type TE with low metallic in plane resistivity [[rho].sub.a]~0.2 m[OMEGA]-cm and large [alpha]~100 [micro]V/K (symbol S is used in the plot), even though the mobility is quite low, [micro]~13 [cm.sup.2]/V-s.
Polytypes with n = 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 were prepared as single crystals by the flux method (28).
At 0.8 m the saturated volumetric water content was 0.34 with a saturated hydraulic conductivity of 23 mm/h, as measured using the unsteady drainage flux method.
This flux method does not create smoke upon zinc immersion, resulting in a much cleaner technology.