fly gallery

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fly floor, fly gallery

In a theater, a narrow balcony above the stage floor, usually on both sides of the stage, sometimes with an interconnection across the back wall.
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This pulley system gives him the mechanical advantage to lift 800 pounds of backdrop quickly into the fly gallery. Suddenly, the stage is a 1920s movie theater.
A rack of lights descends slowly from the fly gallery like an alien mother-ship.
Supporting each fly gallery floor at its onstage edge is a double wooden beam that extends from the upstage wall to the proscenium wall.
The floors of the flying bridges at the second fly gallery are at the same level as the fly gallery floor.
James Canfield's mixed-media Illuminations, billed as the artistic director's first work of the new millennium, features a few interesting surrealistic visual touches--such as an orange waltz-length tutu cut away to reveal a lot of dancer Alison Roper's marvelous legs, and a concluding image of chairs suspended in patterns from the fly gallery. The choreography, with the exception of a lighthearted, beautifully executed solo by the fleetly precise Alexandrous Ballard and an erotically aerobic pas de deux by Tracy Taylor and Matthew Boyes, was obscured by Canfield's visual concept.