fly-back period

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The time during which CRT (cathode-ray tube) electron beams return from the end of one line to the start of the next when in rasterscan mode. The return of a scanning beam to the starting point after completing a line or a frame is called fly-back. Fly-back time is expressed in ns (nanoseconds, or one-billionth [10−9] of a second) or μs (microseconds, or one-millionth of a second) for each fly-back period.

retrace line

The line followed by the beam of electrons in a cathode-ray tube after it ends one line and returns to the start of the next line. Also called a fly-back
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Two companies- Lockheed Martin and Starcraft Boosters - hold patents for fly-back boosters.
A group had successfully tested a sub-scale fly-back booster based on Aldrin's design in 2001-02.
Summary: Opting for the vigour of black, the Shadow's dynamism makes it a hit with technical novelties enthusiasts: its case is made from black ceramic, while the Girard-Perregaux movement features the original combination of a fly-back chronograph with the world times display.