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By the way, did you know that the phrase "flyblown" is an old English term referring to meat infested with maggots?
PIERRE CAMATTE, A FRENCH AID worker working in Mall to combat malaria, was kidnapped by armed locals in his hotel in the flyblown town of Menaka in the northeast of the impoverished country on the night of 26 November.
Roy Brooks dared to tell the truth, describing one property as a "seedy family house" with "decor peeling, faded and flyblown."
Cave, a shabby, unkempt, unhappy shopkeeper, a self-described "Naturalist and Dealer in Antiquities." In Cave's show window, tucked away among the elephant tusks, beads, a box of eyes, a flyblown ostrich egg, and an empty glass fish-tank, is a "mass of crystal, worked into the shape of an egg and brilliantly polished" (75).
If we read the film in terms of its much publicised, heat-crazed shoot in the flyblown town of Winton in Queensland, one of the intertexts available to us is Ross Gibson's lucid essay on the career of Frederick Wheeler, an officer of the Native Mounted Police Corps in central Queensland from 1856-76 (Gibson 2002:53-80).
August 16, 2008 (GONDAR, Ethiopia) Co Sitting in a leaky, flyblown hut, a few dozen Ethiopian villagers are anxiously waiting to be transported to another world.
In the past--and, scarily enough, often today--these stereotypes tended to present indigenous people as anonymous figures somehow surviving in flyblown dust bowls.
A few years later, during the horrific, multi-sided civil war in Somalia following the breakup of the regime of dictator Siad Barre, food supplies were again disrupted at the point of a gun, and pictures of emaciated children with flyblown faces again filled the pages of Newsweek.
The towns, including the capital Espargos, look rather flyblown, dusty and rundown.
I for one would not sacrifice any portion of our values to defeat Iraq's flyblown insurgents.
And, please, let's have no bleats of how a child can be better nurtured in his own country, no matter how flyblown, than in the comfortable West.