flying dragon

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flying dragon,

gliding lizard of the genus Draco, found in tropical forests of SE Asia. There are about 15 species. Most are about 8 in. (20 cm) long. On either side of the lizard's body are thin, winglike folds of skin supported by five to seven ribs that extend from the body. With its "wings" extended the lizard is capable of gliding for distances of up to 30 ft (9 m). The wings are often brightly colored, sometimes with stripes or spots, but when they are folded the body, greenish with a pale yellow belly, blends with the foliage. Flying dragons have slender legs, tapering tails, and brilliantly colored throat sacs, typically blue in the female and yellow-orange with a blue spot in the male. They live in trees, rarely descending to the ground, and feed on arboreal ants. They are classified in the phylum ChordataChordata
, phylum of animals having a notochord, or dorsal stiffening rod, as the chief internal skeletal support at some stage of their development. Most chordates are vertebrates (animals with backbones), but the phylum also includes some small marine invertebrate animals.
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, subphylum Vertebrata, class Reptilia, order Squamata, family Agamidae.
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CHINESE PREMIERE Wallsend costume designer Kate Collins has made more than 40 costumes for the Flying Dragon Circus production that will premiere in Beijing next week and at Newcastle's Theatre Royal from July 15 to 19.
I keep my eyes closed because I want five more minutes riding the flying dragon in my dreams.
Singh also has a number of other creations and projects listed on his personal website, including a virtual reality game where players ride a flying dragon.
The result is risking the safety and well being of every member of the Flying Dragon and the whole expedition.
As she searches for the truth, The Flying Dragon quickly becomes enmeshed in a web of arrogance, power, money and sexuality.
Lanterns of all sizes and shapes were made from scratch for the event, and also included a flying dragon and a giant train.
Zander introduced me to my humble hammock and walked me through what we would be performing from Flying Dragon to Third Eye Prayer and, of course, the piece de resistance flying.
So, Weimer, a registered nurse who works at the state's McLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn, launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to build Keaton's "Toothless" - a flying dragon from the "How to Train Your Dragon" animated film series - costume and to incorporate as a nonprofit organization.
Fall of the Flying Dragon fills a major gap in Vietnam War history.
If the play was produced as written, a chariot containing three passengers would disappear in the wake of a flying dragon.
O Trifoliata e o citrangeiro Fepagro C37 foram superiores em altura, nao diferindo estatisticamente do Flying Dragon e do citrumeleiro Swingle; a tangerineira Sunki e o limoeiro Volkameriano apresentaram menores alturas (Tabela 1).