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[mathematical expression not reproducible] is set as equal as the freefall velocity from the maximum flying height [30].
This environment is a multipath-rich environment so that we can easily distinguish the influence of the flying height on the propagation.
* We characterize the data gathering problem for flying mobile sink node by theoretically analyzing the flying height, velocity and pattern of mobile sink node above the terrestial sensor network.
But the planes were lit up, because of two spotlights on the underside of the plane, trained on the water, which would come together at the flying height of 60ft.
Wing Commander Ray Goodall, commanding officer at RAF Spadeadam, said the RAF took the whole issue of low-flying very seriously and had a rigid monitoring system which led to serious disciplinary action for pilots breaching regulations on flying height, speed and location.
Unlike other technologies, the Pegasus 2000 accurately measures flying height from 20 nm all the way to disk contact.
The client sets the specifications such as flying height, line spacing, sample interval and the scale of final maps.
The magnitude of relief displacement is a function of air photo acquisition parameters (flying height, lens focal length), elevation differences between the mean elevation of the photo (datum) and any point of interest, and the radial distance of the point from the center (9).
The lowest flying height the FAA would approve was 1000 ft.
ASACA harnesses what it calls Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) information provided by every drive and monitors the all drive statistics, such as head flying height, spindle speed, heat, ECC and sector re-writes.
Since this flying height is now less than a micrometer, the presence of any particulates could result in severe damage and loss of data."
The actuator arm features an aerodynamics-dictated change in shape, not only helping flying height but helping control operating shock characteristics as well.