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1. Brit
a. an intersection of two roads at which one is carried over the other by a bridge
b. such a bridge
2. the US name for a fly-past
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Apple Maps

The iPhone maps application introduced in September 2012 with version 6 of the operating system (iOS 6). Replacing Google Maps, which was featured on all iPhones prior to iOS 6, Apple Maps includes turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic information and interactive "Flyover" 3D views of metropolitan areas.

Not What Users Expected
Apple's map data is not as extensive as the data in Google Maps, which combined with erroneous results reported by many users caused Apple CEO Tim Cook to publicly apologize for the app replacement and even suggest users download third-party mapping apps until Apple Maps is improved. In December, Google Maps became available as a free download in the Apple App Store. See iOS versions.
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Footbridges have been dismantled as work gets under way on demolition work to bring down Liverpool's Churchill Way flyovers.
A council spokesman said: "Once the flyover sections are cut into 40-tonne pieces, they will be loaded on to wagons and taken to Stonebridge Cross, where they will be stored for around a year.
The ramp which was thrown open to the public on August 17 will enable commuters coming from Rambagh to use the flyover till the Jehangir Chowk.
Proposals are out to consultation over huge changes in Perry Barr, including the removal of the A34 flyover and the replacement of the A34/ A4040 roundabout with a four-arm traffic signal junction.
" He said the Department of Public Works and Highways is "supportive of road engineering solutions for everyday problems With three lanes in each direction of this flyover, passage of the anticipated 8,000 vehicles will be eased when they use the flyover." The P1.6-billion C5 Link flyover could now be accessed by vehicles plying between Fort Bonifacio, C.
Brandishing banners bearing the slogan 'Honk to Save the Flyover' they manned picket line on the A34 from 8am.
New Delhi: For the residents of north Delhi, Rani Jhansi flyover, which was inaugurated last year, is a classic example of how a government project should not be executed -- with cost overruns and painfully long delays in completion.
The mayor stressed the need for immediate repair and renovation, saying that a large number of vehicles, including goods transporting vehicles, used Jinnah Flyover.
A set of proposals for a range of infrastructure improvements atPerry Barrare set to go before cabinet on Tuesday, February 12, with the [pounds sterling]27.1 million project including the removal of the A34 flyover, the retention of the A34 underpass and the replacement of the A34/A4040 roundabout with a four-arm traffic signal junction.
A DRIVER and his passenger, both from India, were injured when their vehicle overturned on a flyover yesterday.
The major flyover of BRT project opened for traffic after completion includes Fridus Chowk and Gul Bahar U Turn that has eased traffic flow and address problem of traffic congestion in city.