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see migration of animalsmigration of animals,
movements of animals in large numbers from one place to another. In modern usage the term is usually restricted to regular, periodic movements of populations away from and back to their place of origin.
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the migratory path of birds from their nesting sites to their wintering sites and back again. The flyways of different bird species or different populations of the same species may vary. Sometimes the spring route differs from the route in the fall. Since birds use the ecologically most favorable routes, the migratory paths of many species frequently coincide. The physicogeographical features of the territory above which the flyways pass and the similarities in the ecological requirements of various species often result in common routes, in which the birds are particularly numerous. Formerly, only such widely used sections of the migratory routes were called flyways. In the remaining sections, the birds, as a rule, fly in a broad front.


(vertebrate zoology)
A geographic migration route for birds, including the breeding and wintering areas that it connects.
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Key words: Western Arctic, Alaska, lesser snow goose, Chen caerulescens caerulescens, migration routes, staging areas, wintering areas, flyway fidelity.
The Pacific Flyway has been the site of several major victories for Audubon in recent years.
With monsoon drawing near, the rains may lead to a flurry of accidents on the flyway.
When the ice comes, Hansen, the Central Flyway Migratory Bird Coordinator for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, knows the state's flocks of Canadas will head to the rivers, and that it's time for him to hunt.
Of course, the serious hunter also knows that weather, here or in all parts north of Arkansas along the major waterfowl flyways, is just part of the equation for determining a good duck hunt.
For 18 shorebird species, the population wintering at Barr al Hikman exceeded more than one per cent of their total flyway population.
Subsequently, viruses from this clade were found in Mongolia, Russia, Europe, and Africa along the migratory flyways of birds (3,4).
Pacific Flyway services the Sportsman's Warehouse account, as do many other wholesalers, along with many other independent retail accounts.
Blake spent five years traveling the length of the flyway and capturing images of its bays, deltas, sloughs, potholes, and ponds--and the life they support.
The brand Mercedes fire suddenly DND Flyway, student behind wheel escaped unhurt
These factors, combined with technological advances for hunting sea ducks, caused biologists within the flyway to begin examining sea duck harvest sustainability.
ISLAMABAD -- Guest birds from Europe, Central Asian states and India has start arriving in Pakistan through Indus Flyway, as 700,000 - 1,200,000 birds come to Pakistan in winter season every year.