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see migration of animalsmigration of animals,
movements of animals in large numbers from one place to another. In modern usage the term is usually restricted to regular, periodic movements of populations away from and back to their place of origin.
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the migratory path of birds from their nesting sites to their wintering sites and back again. The flyways of different bird species or different populations of the same species may vary. Sometimes the spring route differs from the route in the fall. Since birds use the ecologically most favorable routes, the migratory paths of many species frequently coincide. The physicogeographical features of the territory above which the flyways pass and the similarities in the ecological requirements of various species often result in common routes, in which the birds are particularly numerous. Formerly, only such widely used sections of the migratory routes were called flyways. In the remaining sections, the birds, as a rule, fly in a broad front.

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(vertebrate zoology)
A geographic migration route for birds, including the breeding and wintering areas that it connects.
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That's why Costanzo expects the Atlantic Flyway will continue to have a restrictive season for at least another year, likely even longer.
During December 2014-March 2015, H5N2 was detected in poultry farms of British Columbia and in wild waterfowl and backyard poultry of states along the Pacific flyway (Figure 1).
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Through these efforts, the Atlantic Flyway Council and the USFWS could begin managing eastern mallard populations independently from "mid-continent mallards." In 1997, a liberal, 60-day duck season with a four-bird bag limit for mallards was implemented and has been in place ever since.
The major aim of the present study was to use the most recent ring-recovery databases in order to update our knowledge about the spatial distribution and movements of common pochard Aythya ferina populations of the Western Palearctic and therefore assess the pertinence of flyway delineation (Madsen et al.
The Task Force on Illegal Hunting, Taking and Trade of Migratory Birds in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway will build on the successes of a similar initiative for migratory birds in the Mediterranean, agreed at COP11 in in Quito, Ecuador, in 2014.
Even though the flyway is eight- laned, the MCD toll booth creates a mess on the road, resulting in traffic snarls.
As California wetlands provide winter habitat for between 4 and 5 million waterfowl, including 70 to 80% of Pacific Flyway wigeon (for example, 76% in 2008; USFWS 2014b), our study goal was to gain a better understanding of the migration chronology and temporal pattern of wetland use by EUWI in the Sacramento Valley, California.
Reporter: We've written in the past about the critical role that the Little River plays in the life of the Niagara River flyway.
Eight Lebanese municipalities signed the "Declaration for Responsible Hunting of Birds and the Full Protection of Migratory Soaring Birds from Hunting in the Rift Valley/Red Sea Flyway." The decision came after a workshop about responsible hunting held last week outlined ways seasonal hunting could be conducted while preserving wildlife heritage and protecting the path of migratory birds.
We used linear regression to analyze population trends that were collected during the Atlantic Flyway Breeding Waterfowl Survey for key waterfowl species that breed in New Jersey.