foamed concrete

foamed concrete, foam concrete

A very light, cellular concrete; made by the addition of a prepared foam or by the generation of gas within the unhardened mixture.
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Volumetric mixer specialist Bay-Lynx has unveiled a model that uses foamed concrete to produce grout or flowable fill for projects ranging from utility lines to swimming pools.
Chen, "Experimental study on the preparation and properties of a novel foamed concrete based on magnesium phosphate cement," Construction and Building Materials, vol.
In addition, in 2015 [11], the electromagnetic reflection characteristics of the new building material, the thickness variation (10 mm-40 mm) of the foamed concrete, and the type of foaming agent (vegetable, animal foam) were observed for the 2-18 GHz frequency band.
studied the compressive, splitting tensile, and flexural strengths of lightweight foamed concrete [16].
Around 500 cubic metres of foamed concrete has now been poured into the 39ft-wide hole.
Superblock, valued at $1.2 billion on the Thai bourse, sold its foamed concrete block business to Siam City Cement in 2013 before diversifying into renewable energy.
However, the cost of a foamed concrete mix is dependent on the amount of cement content and by the amount of foam dose [2].
Foamed concrete (FC) was initially envisaged as a void filing and insulation material [9]; there have been renewed interest in its structural characteristic in view of its lighter weight, savings in material, and potential for large-scale utilization of wastes [10,11].
Foamed concrete is an important type of geotechnical material [1].
From Figures 12-14 it can be seen that the vibration reduction effect becomes lower as the elasticity modulus of the foamed concrete increases.
These days, demand and usage of foamed concrete as building material become privileged in construction industry due to its encouraging characteristics such as lighter weight, excellent thermal insulation and durable [1,2].