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The term fob originated in the late 1800s and refers to an ornament on a pocket-watch chain. Today a fob refers to a variety of small electronic devices, including USB drives, authentication tokens, remote car starters and garage door openers. See USB drive, USB dongle and authentication token.

The Keyless Entry Fob
For years, opening car doors with the fob has been standard equipment.


Abbr. for “free on board.”
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The task of building the FOBs is being undertaken by the Bombay Engineer Group and Centre, Kirkee from the Indian Army as a part of aid to civil authority for safety and smooth functioning of essential public services, it added.
A cable and wire team was dispatched two months in advance of TCF closure to properly test, label and map the network diagram for the FOB.
Offers from suppliers of single-mine 5,000 kcal/kg GAR coal were $51-53/mt FOB for September loading, Panamax cargoes, he said, adding that blended material was cheaper.
Located approximately 20 kilometers from the Pakistan border, the battalion oversaw an operational environment with the mission of defending FOB Salerno, previously known as Rocket City, while simultaneously preparing it for closure.
Here in the Philippines, the anticipation for the FOB return not only thrilled regular fans but also topnotch rock artists themselves.
Some people I've spoken to since have suggested it could be a device used by thieves to jam the key fob signal.
Both systems are based on a preprogrammed key fob device ID and authentication protocols which include an encryption stage for authorizing the issue of key fob commands to the vehicle.
75% FFA, FOB mill max 2% FFA, FOB mill (in Euro a metric ton) (in Euro a metric ton) Nov 10 785.
Teresa Wu, the 21-year-old behind My Dad Is a FOB and My Mom Is a FOB, says that "Being a FOB's kid is cool.