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The term fob originated in the late 1800s and refers to an ornament on a pocket-watch chain. Today a fob refers to a variety of small electronic devices, including USB drives, authentication tokens, remote car starters and garage door openers. See USB drive, USB dongle and authentication token.

The Keyless Entry Fob
For years, opening car doors with the fob has been standard equipment.
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Abbr. for “free on board.”
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It was a multi-part fix known as ( PIN to Drive , software update and a new fob. The team of researchers, who found the first flaw led by ( Lennert Wouters from Katholieke Universiteit in Belgium, found a similar defect in the new fob.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Mar 19 (ANI): Central Railway (CR) will dismantle five foot-over-bridges (FOBs) at Bhandup, Kurla, Vikhroli, Diva, and Kalyan Junction stations.
FOB West on Friday, November 23, 2018, conducted patrols to illegal mining sites at Wassa Asomdwe in the Wassa Amenfi West District, where the patrol team arrested one Chinese and three Ghanaians for engaging in illegal mining.
We hypothesised that the use of imaging methods such as FOB while performing PDT would reduce the frequency of complications resulting from the procedure.
The new "bPay" wristbands, fobs and stickers will go on sale online from tomorrow and are being made available to people aged 12 and above.
If the FOB is nearing complete closure, then it's more practical to migrate services to a distant hub and prepare for a complete closure at that location.
"The smaller-sized miners are facing issues." Offers for September or October loading Panamax cargoes of 5,800 kcal/kg GAR coal were at $64/mt FOB, while bids were at $62/mt FOB, he said.
Military Academy, I used a problem-solving methodology to attack FOB closure, truncating the design process taught at West Point to three distinct phases--problem definition, solution design, and execution.
SCRIMP Fob Wall Clock, PS29.50 from marks & spencer, THIS classic option has a smart face with a font that reads Henley on Thames, suggesting punting, rowing and lazy days of summer.
Keep time with style using one of these fantastic fob wall clocks.
That is not the case with FOB which still proved to be a force to reckon with after their latest single "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)" immediately made an impact, lording the singles chart in the US in almost no time.