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1. FOrmula CALculator.

An interactive system written by Rick Merrill of DEC in 1969 for PDP-5 and PDP-8. It was a descendant of AID/JOSS.

Versions: FOCAL-69, FOCAL-1971, FOCAL-11 (for PDP-11 under RT-11).
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Although CT guided biopsy is an expensive technique, considering its advantage it may be considered in obese patients, high risk patients, patients with solitary kidney or a difficult patient and patients in whom focal disease is suspected.
Malaria is a local and focal disease. Besides ecological parameters which influence the disease there are some important local factors such as socioeconomic, socio-cultural and behaviour patterns of the community which play a major role in disease transmission.
Our understanding of atherosclerosis has shifted from a focal disease whose hallmark is symptoms caused by a severe stenosis to a systemic disease characterized by endothelial dysfunction (ED) and plaque inflammation, with the potential for rupture and thrombosis mainly in those with subcritical stenosis.
Anderson Cancer Center in Houston reported using limited surgical resection followed by wide-field irradiation for focal disease, and they were able to treat patients with advanced disease who would have otherwise required radical excision plus radiation with or without chemotherapy.

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