foeniculum vulgare

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A famous edible seasoning that calms the digestive and nervous system while activating digestive juices- great for anyone with gas, flatulence, indigestion, hard time digesting food, use plant seeds with strong aroma- like fennel seeds, anise seeds, dill seeds, cumin seeds, mustard seeds… aromatic seeds activate digestive fire. Fennel leaf tea lowers blood pressure without reducing heart rate. Seeds increase libido and milk production. Seeds also used as “licorice” because of the anise taste. Used for coughs and colic in children. Helps cancer patients rebuild digestive system after radiation and chemotherapy. Also used for kidneys, liver, spleen, lungs. Grows up to 7 feet tall (2.5m) Be careful not to confuse fennel with poison hemlock! Fennel has yellowish flowers and a licorice smell, while poison hemlock has white flowers, smells bad and has purple splotches on the stem. Yellow fennel flowers are eye candy with a subtle licorice flavor, much like the herb itself. Seeds can be easily stored and used in salads, soups, dressings. Fennel takes away appetite, so taking some before meals helps you eat less. Do not eat while pregnant.
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