fog room

moist room

A room in which the atmosphere is maintained at a selected temperature, usually 73.4°F (23°C), with a relative humidity of at least 98%, for the purpose of curing and storing cementitious test specimens.
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$100 dining credit for the hotel's on-site food and beverage outlets, including Argentine-inspired restaurant, Patagon, and rooftop lounge, Fog Room
The ground floor greets you with a number of different rooms starting with a 'wine fog room' where visitors are immersed in a thick fog of the wine of the day.
The main challenge with the new method is determining the duration of time the specimen must stay in the fog room. If a sample stays too long, copious amounts of gel can form, making it difficult to determine which aggregate is responsible for generating the gel.
Vaporizacion, 2001, was a fog room with a strong visual presence, which in the Zurich piece, El agua de la Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico City's Water), 2002, was reduced to pure humidity--only to spark the imagination even further.