folding wall

operable partition

A partition composed of a number of large panels which are hung from a ceiling track, permitting the panels to be moved easily from their closed position (in which the panels form a partition) to an open position (in which the panels are stacked against each other); the panels also may be supported by a floor track.
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The new classrooms are separated by a folding wall, contain numerous white boards, and feature 12-foot ceilings and double doors to accommodate large pieces of electrical equipment, such as transformers.
If you need to replace the flat rack's rear folding wall, order the wood kit that comes with NSN 2510-01-582-5515.
There is also a new main hall with retractable seating and a sliding folding wall to extend the room into the adjacent activity studio, allowing the school to host performances.
Some products were also custom-made like the wine chillers, wine cellar, wine cave, bar counter, raw bar display, main chandelier lighting and the glass and marble folding wall.
Murray Powell we are able to pay for the basic items needed such as tables, chairs, and appliances as well as the $7,500 folding wall required to divide the room to make maximum use of the space and have different functions going on at the same time.
Folding wall beds or "Studybeds" could change a traditional bedroom into a studio/ office space for that "grown-up" child.
Fit a folding wall table in an unused corner, and opt for bench seating with concealed storage.
Additionally, MKDA designed the space to include one large boardroom with a folding wall, seven glass conference rooms, a training room, a data center, an interview room, and a handful of pantries throughout the office suite.
With a folding wall mount (optional), the 3M SCP712 provides additional safety and can project an image that is 60-80 diagonal inches.
3 The Mission Hills Folding Wall is from Kathy Ireland Home by Martin.
It needs to raise close to $30,000 for furniture, appliances, equipment and a folding wall.