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Thin, leaflike layers that occur in gneissic or schistose rocks.



an ancient Portuguese and Spanish dance in triple measure, similar to the chaconne and saraband. The dance first appeared in the 14th century. The earliest tune described as a folia appears in F. Salinas’ Seven Books on Music (1577). The melody of the folia served as a motif in many virtuoso pieces for harpsichord, guitar, violin, and other instruments. In A. Corelli’s works the folia reached its peak of development. Corelli’s theme was used by F. Liszt in his Spanish Rhapsody for piano and by S. V. Rachmaninoff in his Variations on a Theme by Corelli (pianoforte solo). L. Cherubini introduced a folia into his opera A Portuguese Inn, and A. A. Aliab’ev used one in his ballet The Magic Drum, or The Sequel to the Magic Flute.

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El investigador italiano llega a la conclusion de que "tal como ocurre en el caso de la 'pavanas ternarias', tambien las pavanas binarias basadas en el esquema de folia presentes en el repertorio espanol parecen tener su origen en el repertorio italiano" (144) (Capitulo 6).
O municipio tambem se destaca pela presenca de inumeros festejos de folia realizados em seu territorio.
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