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Law a unit of measurement of the length of legal documents, determined by the number of words, generally 72 or 90 in Britain and 100 in the US
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(graphic arts)
The page number as it will appear in printed text.
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(1) Text management software for the professional reference publishing market from Fast Search & Transfer, Oslo, Norway and Boston, MA ( Known as FAST Folio since its acquisition in 2004 from NextPage, Inc., it provides storage, retrieval and hypertext capability for text databases and can import text from over 40 file formats. Folio search capabilities are geared to the kind of extensive reference material found in government regulations, case and tax law documents, insurance policies and accounting guidelines.

Folio was developed by Utah-based Folio Corporation, acquired by Open Market in 1997 and NextPage, Inc. in 1999. Fast Search purchased the publishing applications business unit of NextPage in 2004, which included the Folio, LivePublish, NXT and GetSmart software products.

(2) (folio) In typography, a printed page number. For example, folio 3 could be the 27th physical page in a book. A "blind folio" is a page number accounted for in pagination but not printed on the page. These occur most frequently on blank left book pages or opening pages of a chapter or article.
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(23) "Variety" directly undermines claims of the noblemen's supposed power to grant dignity to the plays by broadening the anticipated audience for the folio, both with its titular address and its opening line addressing "the most able, to him that can but spell"--no matter what one's reading level may be, "the fate of all Bookes depends upon your capacities: and not of your heads alone, but of your purses." It concludes by emphasizing "heads"--the able readership who contribute to preserving Shakespeare's memory ("Reade him, therefore; and againe, and againe...") but the essay initially focuses on the marketplaces role.
* Foliation/Pagination: includes the current condition of the codex, page layout, complete number of folios and flyleaves, and missing folios.
The ship's controls will be in the hands of First Folio's Associate Artistic Director Melanie Keller.
Kaplanian facilitates the FOLIO community in gaining consensus on the overall roadmap and future directions for the project.
No one knows how many copies of the First Folio were printed, but 700 is considered a reasonable estimate.
On FolioFirst, former Loyal3 customers will now have access to many features common to the Folio Investing retail platform.
Folio Investments is a self-clearing FINRA broker-dealer and custodian and operates under the brands Folio Investing, Folio Institutional, VIA Folio and FolioFirst.
"Shakespeare's First Folio" is a compelling study that offers new ways to understand Shakespeare's reception and the history of the book.
New Delhi: Driven by addition in equity fund folios, mutual fund (MF) houses registered a surge of more than 7.85 lakh investor accounts in the first two months (April-May) of the current fiscal, taking the total tally to 4.84 crore.