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Law a unit of measurement of the length of legal documents, determined by the number of words, generally 72 or 90 in Britain and 100 in the US
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(graphic arts)
The page number as it will appear in printed text.
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(1) Text management software for the professional reference publishing market from Fast Search & Transfer, Oslo, Norway and Boston, MA ( Known as FAST Folio since its acquisition in 2004 from NextPage, Inc., it provides storage, retrieval and hypertext capability for text databases and can import text from over 40 file formats. Folio search capabilities are geared to the kind of extensive reference material found in government regulations, case and tax law documents, insurance policies and accounting guidelines.

Folio was developed by Utah-based Folio Corporation, acquired by Open Market in 1997 and NextPage, Inc. in 1999. Fast Search purchased the publishing applications business unit of NextPage in 2004, which included the Folio, LivePublish, NXT and GetSmart software products.

(2) (folio) In typography, a printed page number. For example, folio 3 could be the 27th physical page in a book. A "blind folio" is a page number accounted for in pagination but not printed on the page. These occur most frequently on blank left book pages or opening pages of a chapter or article.
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Very good condition; 480 mm x 370 mm with five-line staves in black ink alternating music and text; eighty-one folios with two flyleaves; ff.
We have been making a folio style case since the very first iPad in 2010.
Copies of the First Folio, as they passed from hand to hand over the years, were not often read.
According to data from the Association of Mutual Funds in India (Amfi) on total investor accounts with 43 fund houses, the number of folios rose to 48,448,079 at the end of last month from 47,663,024 in March-end, a rise of 7.85 lakh.
A letter from Reed shows that he acquired the Folio in 1786 and further records indicate it was sold after Reed's death in 1807 to a "JW" for PS38.
She added: "We have found a First Folio that we did not know existed."
It's difficult to know how many of the precious folios survive.
The exhibit has a long name, "First Folio! The Book That Gave Us Shakespeare, on Tour From the Folger Shakespeare Library." And it's just one of the special events that will be happening during the next few weeks in honor of The Bard's local presence.
The folios in the British Library which were held in bound leather volumes, were disbound and hence returned to their original pothi format for purposes of conservation and digitization.
The TabMate series of universal folios features a patent pending design that allows it to hold nearly any tablet in the 7"-8" or 8.9"-10.1" range.