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By manufacturing its own custom extraction and refinement equipment in Amsterdam, Folium Biosciences enjoys exclusive access to the industry's most technologically advanced equipment.
Under the terms of the agreement, FeyeCon's CEO, Geert Woerlee, PhD, has been elected as the CTO at Folium Biosciences.
New entry Folium and, right, Best Local Restaurant winner Harborne Kitchen chef/owner Jamie Desogus.
Aloe capensis: Frangulae Cortex: Rhamni purshiani Cortex: Rhei Radix: Senna Folium: Senna Fructus acutifoliae; Senna Fructus angustifoliae.
This is quite interesting, because it means the locus of A(p,q) whose polar with respect to the folium [x.sup.3] + [y.sup.3] = 3axy.
In 1991, Folium Plasticos produced 3000 tons of film, corresponding to $6 million in sales, 12% higher than 1990.
The new 28-cover restaurant will be housed in a former printed works - called Folium - in Caroline Street.
Folium Eriobotryae was discovered to treat diabetes in he rural area of Suzhou, Jiangus province in east China.
Print management company, Folium Group, has appointed Armadillo as its PR consultants.