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Caption: FIGURE 1: Hashimoto's thyroiditis: (a) Group 1 smears showing follicular cell clusters infiltrated by few lymphocytes (Leishman's stain x100); (b) Group 2 smears showing follicular cell clusters infiltrated by moderate amount of lymphocytes (Leishman's stain x400); (c) Hurthle cells and increased background lymphocytes (Leishman's stain x400); (d) dense lymphocytes in follicular cells clusters (Haematoxylin & Eosin x100).
knerii 17 TABLE 2 Gonadosomatic Index (GSI) and oocyte diameter (DO), cortical alveoli's vesicles diameter (CA), pellucid zone thickness (ZP) and follicular cells height (FC) of vitellogenic oocytes of six species of Anostomidae from the Sao Francisco River basin, Minas Gerais, Brazil GSI Species Males Females L.
Therefore, a chronic inflammatory environment, derived from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, in addition to metabolic disorder caused by neoplastic events, produce synergistic effects of negative prognosis on the progression of both diseases (HT and PTC).The milieu of these events results in the rearrangement of RET/PTC gene in follicular cells, as the primer alterations.
Case 3: Cytological smears showed numerous follicular cells arranged in clusters, often with syncytial cell aggregation.
The NIS is the plasma membrane glycoprotein that mediates active iodide uptake into the thyroid follicular cells. This process is the crucial first step in TH biosynthesis.
Some cell inclusions that were not commonly observed in the follicular cell cytoplasm include; few small apical vesicles and typical large colloid droplets with similar electron density as the colloid.
Follicular cell hypertrophy and pale-staining colloid were present in thyroid glands from PB-treated rats, and more severe hypertrophy/colloid changes along with diffuse hyperplasia were present in thyroid glands from PTU-treated rats.
CD 56 gives membrane positivity with or without cytoplasmic positivity in all follicular cell derived lesions of thyroid except PTC and its variants.
C-cell hyperplasia in thyroid tissue adjacent to follicular cell tumors.

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