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Hypertrophy of the cornea.
Hypertrophy of the horny layer of the skin.



excessive development of the corneous layer of the skin in humans. Hyperkeratosis may be caused by external factors (such as prolonged pressure, friction, or the effects of lubricating oils) or internal factors (endocrine dysfunctions, hypovitaminosis A, occupational intoxication). Hyperkeratosis is manifested by the formation of horny plates, nodes of various sizes, protuberances, and spurs; the skin becomes dry and perspiration decreases. Hyperkeratosis may be accompanied by the formation of painful cracks (on the palms and soles). It may be limited (calluses, warts, keratomas) or diffuse, spread over large areas or the entire skin surface (ichthyosis). Treatment consists in soda or soap baths, vitamin therapy, and medications that dissolve the horny substance.

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Follicular hyperkeratosis may be observed, particularly on the posterior aspect of the upper arms or the lateral portion of the thighs.
The microscopic changes included atrophy or moderate acanthosis of the epidermis, with formation of rete ridges, marked superficial and follicular hyperkeratosis.
A patient may have night blindness, an eye disease called xerophthalmia that can lead to corneal ulcers and blindness, or a dry, scaly skin condition known as follicular hyperkeratosis.
Perifollicular erythema and follicular hyperkeratosis are commonly observed.

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