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Billiards Snooker
a. a forward spin imparted to a cue ball causing it to roll after the object ball
b. a shot made in this way
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What does it mean when you dream about following?

To follow something in a dream indicates that we are attracted to something or that we are being influenced by whatever we are following. Being followed in a dream can mean that we are influencing others; negatively, it can represent the feeling that we are being pursued or followed by something out of our past—such as pain or guilt.

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follow …

An expression used in air traffic control. When transmitted to aircraft, it means “Adjust your taxi path (or flight path) and/or speed to follow the specified aircraft.”
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3 Once over the bridge, go left towards the horse paddocks and follow along the fence line.
Along the way, they're holding pop-up screen-printing classes to support local art charities (follow along on Instagram via @neveandhawk).
Follow along with a young boy on an imaginative dance around the world upon the shoulders of the planet's most celebrated winds--Chinook, Papagayo, Shamal and the Cape Doctor--as they blow across the Earth.
For the Cleveland fans unable to make it to the celebration, you can follow along with a live stream from local station ( WKYC here .
Step-by-step color photos throughout follow the author's process of doing yoga with her dog, and invite readers to follow along. A dog and some familiarity with yoga poses will help in this process: a delightful new way of exercising dog and human alike.
Then, once you've caught up on the journey, you can follow along for the rest.
The second phase involves continued follow along services that help ensure the supported employee is able to satisfactorily maintain their position.
Anyone can follow along. Participation is easy and open to those of all ages.
Prior to January 2011, Arabs would witness the military intervene in the political system, and then follow along accordingly, whether with silence or fake enthusiasm.
They convey the story well and make it easy for younger readers and listeners to follow along. The story itself is relatively simple with no profound morals or deep emotional subtext, being easy to access and an enjoyable romp through the perfect world of Serenity Strainer.