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The wife and children followed suit. Then, all together, they struck up the wailing cham that I heard on the hillside:
The audacity and unconventionality of the storiettes was a shock to bourgeois morality and prejudice; but when Paris went mad over the immediate translation that was made, the American and English reading public followed suit and bought so many copies that Martin compelled the conservative house of Singletree, Darnley & Co.
Jack said "Pass again." All followed suit. We did not know what to do, and so we ordered a new ration of sausage.
Sir Henry followed suit with a verse out of the Old Testament, and something about Balbus building a wall, in Latin, whilst Good addressed the Queen of Night in a volume of the most classical bad language which he could think of.
Lebedeff followed suit at once, and it was clear from his radiant face that he considered his prospects of satisfaction immensely improved.
Harris did not feel thirsty, either, and followed suit. I had drunk half mine, but I wished I had not.
Ojo was so pleased with this song that he applauded the singer by clapping his hands, and Scraps followed suit by clapping her padded fingers together, although they made no noise.
Canada and France also followed suit with Canada spending 9.7 per cent and France spending 9.5 per cent.
But the board's Instructional Services Committee voted 4-2 in late August to keep intelligent design out of the standards, and the full school board followed suit a few days later.
As academic attitudes to language structure and origins shifted throughout the nineteenth century, architectural analysis followed suit; and Shafter compares the two: Jones, for example, thought that ornament represented natural forms, in the way that word use represents natural needs; whereas Semper saw it as part of a primal expression of human creativity.