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Billiards Snooker
a. a forward spin imparted to a cue ball causing it to roll after the object ball
b. a shot made in this way

What does it mean when you dream about following?

To follow something in a dream indicates that we are attracted to something or that we are being influenced by whatever we are following. Being followed in a dream can mean that we are influencing others; negatively, it can represent the feeling that we are being pursued or followed by something out of our past—such as pain or guilt.

follow …

An expression used in air traffic control. When transmitted to aircraft, it means “Adjust your taxi path (or flight path) and/or speed to follow the specified aircraft.”
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He is also facing two legal actions in connection with patients' breathing difficulties following nose operations.
Spontaneous periorbital air entrapment following nose blowing or coughing attacks is less common, but well documented.
No 8 Scott Quinnell returns to the Llanelli pack for Saturday's home clash after four weeks off the field following nose surgery.