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(fŏn`tənĕl'): see skullskull,
the skeletal structure of the head, composed of the facial and cranial bones. The skull houses and protects the brain and most of the chief sense organs; i.e., the eyes, ears, nose, and tongue.
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one of the remains of the membranous skeleton that unite the bones of the skull in a newborn infant. The fontanels enable the head of the fetus to be compressed as it passes through the birth canal. The anterior fontanel—the junction of the frontal and temporal bones—closes in the second year of life. The posterior fontanel, which is located at the site where the occipital and temporal bones join, closes before or shortly after birth, as do the mastoid and sphenoidal fontanels. Delayed closing of the fontanels is observed in rickets and a number of other diseases.


(chiefly US), fontanel
Anatomy any of several soft membranous gaps between the bones of the skull in a fetus or infant
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the healer (if the semenget ritual is being performed during a basangiang ceremony) brings the bowl close to the cranial fontanel of the person being treated and blows over it three times, invoking the life force.
One of the material's potentials was highlighted in a new decoration technology developed by DuPont and Oriol & Fontanel.
two Mossad combatants approached Hamas official Khaled Mashaal and released into his ear a potentially fatal dose of a synthetic opiate called Fontanel, according to foreign sources.
Beyin omuriliksivisialmasikligi, VI, bas cevresi, fontanel gerginligi ve kafa ici basinc artisi bulgulari birlikte degerlendirilerek belirlendi.
In this far more complicated scenario, male and female anatomies take on the contrary significance of permanent residues--shameful ineradicable sites--of illicit coupling, bodycenotaphs of the moment the boy put his lips on his sister's hairy vagina or the father hid there, his penis giving shape to her whole body as it nourished the unborn through the fontanel, a pulsating soft spot, surrounded by tuzzy hair, on top of the baby's head that mirrors the end of his discharging urethra, just as the whole parturient body replicates a giant penis emerging from the vagina (Gillison 1993: 199-221).
On gundur yuksek ates ve bir kez 10-15 dakika suren jeneralize tonik klonik konvulziyon oykusu olan hastanin fizik muayenesinde; bilinc kapali, on fontanel bombe ve pulsatil idi.
Lumbar puncture was carried out routinely in all children who were admitted with clinical suspicion of sepsis or neurologic impairment and who showed any of the following clinical criteria: neck stiffness or meningeal signs, bulging fontanel, impaired consciousness, history of convulsions without known epilepsy, focal neurologic signs, irritability or drowsiness, or presence of pyrexia with suspected clinical sepsis.
They learn about the soft, downy triangle called the fontanel and how their babies' brains, soft as cream cheese, can be felt by gently placing a finger on that eerie soft spot.
The skin of the fontanel is tough, but every mother protects it, making her hands a shield until the shield of the skull is in place.