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, branch of physics dealing with the measurement of the intensity of a source of light, such as an electric lamp, and with the intensity of light such a source may cast on a surface area.
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A unit of measurement for the average light on a surface; 1 foot-candle equals 1 lumen per square foot.
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Illuminance is the density of light on a surface, and it is measured in units of lumens per square meter (lux, abbreviated lx) or lumens per square foot (foot-candles, abbreviated fc).
In general, the study found that sites with lighting levels below three foot-candles were given low security ratings, usually between -4 and 1.
Guidelines established by the USDA (5) for meat and poultry are similar; all areas where utensils are produced, packaged or washed must meet a minimum of 30 foot-candles. However, inspection stations must be either 50 or 200 foot-candles depending upon the type of inspection area.
The new court lighting package delivers light levels of more than 16 foot-candles across the full playing area, while achieving extremely even light levels, a max/min ratio of only 2.71.
Light is measured in foot-candles -- the amount of light cast on a square foot area by a candle at 1 foot distance -- and the sun on a clear summer day can bathe us in 10,000 foot-candles.
Touch the screen to define the boundaries of the actual area to be illuminated and virtually set up and aim the portable light towers to determine the placement and quantity of the towers, as well as the light configuration that most efficiently lights the worksite to the desired level of illumination, which is measured in foot-candles. After determining the number of towers needed, sales, rental or other specific information may be requested through the app if desired.
When I converted foot-candles to lux, I noticed how
Rechargeable batteries power XV1 for a full day's work, delivering up to 4,000 foot-candles of light.
The UV-B (312nm) intensity of the Bi-O-Vision can be adjusted without preset stops--its ranges go from 6,000 to 3,000 [micro]W/[cm.sup.2] and the white light output can be regulated to fall between 1,000 and 2,000 foot-candles (93 to 186 lux).
The UV-B (312 nm) intensity of the series can be varied without preset stops, from 6,000 to 3,000 [micro]W/[cm.sup.2], and the white light output can be adjusted from 2,000 to 1,000 foot-candles (186 to 93 lux).
For example in Normal Mode, 170,000 LUX or 17,000 foot-candles of light is available, while in Turbo Mode, illumination can be increased to 220,000 LUX or 22,000 foot-candles.
The lamp's visible light emission is less than two foot-candles, and it easily meets MIL and ASTM specs for FPI and MPI.