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1. the lower part of a foundation of a column, wall, building, etc.
2. Rare a fee paid upon entrance into a craft, society, etc., or such an entrance itself
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That portion of the foundation of a structure that transmits loads directly to the soil; may be enlarged to distribute the load over a greater area to prevent or to reduce settling.

continuous footing

Combined footing, which acts like a continuous beam on the foundation.

spread footing

A footing that is especially wide, usually constructed of reinforced concrete.
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(civil engineering)
The widened base or substructure forming the foundation for a wall or a column.
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That portion of the foundation of a structure which transmits loads directly to the soil; may be the widened part of a wall or column, the spreading courses under a foundation wall, a foundation of a column, etc.; used to spread the load over a greater area to prevent or reduce settling.
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It is important to remember that water reaching the footing can travel considerable distances sideways until
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Also equipped with a heavy-duty, 50,000lb chain and an integrated digging system, the machine allows operators to trench up to 16 inches wide and 36 inches deep for a cleaner and more consistent footing in less time.
The dashed and solid lines are the response spectra of acceleration at the centre ([a.sub.F]) and immediately beneath ([a.sub.S]) the footing, respectively.
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Fuel may have gotten next to the footing and used it as a pathway to get beneath the soil surface, Rupert added.
Using 1-by-2 strips, roll the excess sheeting under at the sides and fasten them to the 2-by-4 footings, using screws with washers to avoid tearing the plastic.
They did not connect adequately into the footings, he said.
"It either needed to be wider, or re-enforcement needed to be anchored into the footings," he told the jury.
This study also includes the design of integrated strip and integrated isolated footings modeled with superstructure.
Renewable Sales, LLC needed special footings to ground mount their solar arrays due to the ground conditions at the site.
When tutors take the footings of represented audiences, they organize the production format such that the modes of animator, author, and principal do not coincide fully with the person of the tutor; therefore, Goffman's concepts of footing and the production format provide a useful analytical vocabulary for specifying the form and function of audience representations in tutor talk.