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Text that appears at the bottom of a page that adds explanation. It is often used to give credit to the source of information. When accumulated and printed at the end of a document, they are called "endnotes."
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a supplementary printed text; an explanation, source reference, or editor’s comment located at the bottom of a page or column and separated from the main text by a straight line. Footnotes are printed in a smaller type size and are preceded by a sign (a number or asterisk) corresponding to the sign following the statement in the main text that is being elucidated. Footnotes are numbered continuously or by chapter or section.

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The word 'aftawa' is retained in the Malay translation and footnote 17 in the translated text tells the readers that 'aftawa' is 'mangkuk untuk mencuci tangan' (lit.
* A change in the order of the vaccines to group vaccines according to the recommended ages of administration, as well as to the order of the footnotes.
There are only "Notes to Financial Statements" and every reference in the proposal is correctly made to "disclosure in the Notes." Nowhere are footnotes mentioned because they do not exist in published financial statements.
The footnote on Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) conjugate vaccine specifies who should receive the vaccine if immunocompromised.
Cedar won the Best Screenplay Award at Cannes, Footnote was nominated for an Oscar, and much ink has been engagingly spilled over the film elsewhere.
Before highlighting the proper use of footnotes as product differentiation, Professor Austin's article exposes those types of differentiation techniques that did not reflect positively on the profession.
To legal academics working in the area of punitive damages, the second sentence of Footnote 17--the string citation--moves to the fore. is a history website where real history might just surprise you.
The June 2008 Studies in Intelligence reprints the Alexander article and assures readers that footnotes citing sources and indicators of their reliability "have become more nearly the norm, in practice and by directive." But not soon enough.
On March 26, introduced its Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial--a Web 2.0 way to make history new again by providing an online space for reflection and sharing.
Virgin submitted a footnote to the advert made clear leather seats shown were on 58 per cent of London Heathrow departures.