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Secondary signs & symptoms: Dizziness, heart palpitations, vexatious heat in the five hearts or centers, spontaneous perspiration or night sweats, oral thirst with a predilection for drinking, reddish urine, constipation, a tender red tongue with possible teeth-marks on its edges, and a fine, forceless or bound, regularly intermittent pulse
The counsel maintained that since the appointment was against the wisdom applied by the superior courts in various judgments, it was forceless and liable to be set aside.
The spark is lost against the greatness of the sun, the glass is shattered, the butterflies are a forceless hurricane.
The Russian comprehension of war is settling on the social and political phenomenon of radical changes to the relations between states and nations and moving the opponent from using non-military and forceless forms and methods of rivalry to the direct application of measures of the armed struggle for the achievement of the determined political and economic targets (Rogozin).