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A long forcing cone reduces felt recoil some and provides a more even pattern.
Bobby then administered his Accuracy package, consisting of recutting the forcing cone to 11 degrees, followed by a polish and lapping of the barrel face, ensuring it's square, and lastly, setting cylinder gap so barely any sunlight can be seen when you hold it up.
FABARM has come up with a compromise system called the Tribore HP Starting at the breech, it has a long forcing cone. Younger readers may wonder, "Why were there ever short forcing cones?"
The SBE3 WATERFOWL shotgun (12-ga.) features a lengthened forcing cone, Cerakote finish on the receiver and barrel and OPTIFADE Marsh camo on the stock and forend.
You'll also have to re-set your barrel/ cylinder gap, your forcing cone and depending on the type of revolver, the ejector rod and/or housing.
The ELOS D2 barrels are 28" long, and have the FABARM tapered bore, with the bore gradually tapering from the forcing cone to the chokes.
While on other guns the main frame stops just millimeters forward of the forcing cone, on the Super it extends outward just past the ejection rod.
If the chamber is not properly aligned, the bullet will slam into the side of the forcing cone at the rear of the barrel and will basically be deformed before it gets into the bore.
The forcing cone has been lengthened; the barrel cryogenically treated, polished and ported; the trigger lightened to a nice 3.5-pound pull; a custom choke installed--all under the demanding, discerning eye of shotgun-building virtuoso Rob Roberts.
Friend Denis happened to have the tools needed to re-cut the forcing cone, so it's the first thing we tried.
The measurement from the end of the cylinder to the end of the barrel is 51/s inches including the forcing cone and the gap.
The traditional 12-gauge bore size of 0.729 inch is a little tight, and pellets can be deformed as they pass through the forcing cone. A bore larger than 0.742 inch allows powder gases to blow by the wad and reduce pellet velocity.