foreign exchange

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foreign exchange,

methods and instruments used to adjust the payment of debts between two nations that employ different currency systems. A nation's balance of paymentsbalance of payments,
balance between all payments out of a country within a given period and all payments into the country, an outgrowth of the mercantilist theory of balance of trade.
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 has an important effect on the exchange rate of its currency. Bills of exchange, drafts, checks, and telegraphic orders are the principal means of payment in international transactions. The rate of exchange is the price in local currency of one unit of foreign currency and is determined by the relative supply and demand of the currencies in the foreign exchange market. Buying or selling foreign currency in order to profit from sudden changes in the rate of exchange is known as arbitrage. The chief demand for foreign exchange within a country comes from importers of foreign goods, purchasers of foreign securities, government agencies purchasing goods and services abroad, and travelers. Exchange rates were traditionally fixed under the gold standard and later by international agreements, but in 1973 the major industrial nations of the West adopted a system of "floating" rates that allowed for fluctuation within a limited range. The currencies of Western nations are generally allowed to fluctuate freely, although central banks will intervene in the foreign exchange markets in an attempt to control excessive or undesirable appreciation or depreciation.


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As regards the demand of foreign currencies, the BCT said that "the demand for foreign exchange remained high in connection with the persistence of the trade deficit, but with an evident stabilisation dynamic through the gradual decline of the trade deficit which was directly related to the sharp depreciation of the dinar recorded in the years 2017/2018 and the active monetary tightening undertaken by the BCT since 2018, which stood at 31 August 2019, at approximately $ 4,319 million.
This report focuses on the global Foreign Exchange Software status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players.
He said it was now incumbent on each foreign exchange dealer and cambio to 'follow through on their commitment to adopt the principles to which the Jamaica foreign exchange market has signed'.
Certain foreign exchange reserves are an important means for a country to adjust its economy and achieve internal and external balance.
The meeting was attended by Secretary Finance, Naveed Kamran Baloch, Governor State Bank of Pakistan, Dr Reza Baqir, senior officials of Ministry of Finance and representatives of foreign exchange dealers.
In order to ensure foreign exchange stability and enhance US dollar liquidity, the lender of last resort, in June 2018, increased dollar supply to Bureau De Exchanges (BDCs) by 50 per cent and mandated each BDC to purchase $60,000 per week, directed banks to sell dollars across the counter to all travellers with valid documents and also signalled the use of stop rates as against increasing Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) beyond 14 per cent in order to stem the tide of sell-offs by FPIs.
"The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) has issued only one license to EGM Securities Limited (formerly Execution Point Limited) to operate as a Non - Dealing Online Foreign Exchange Broker," Muthaura said in a statement.
NEC secretary general, Prof Lalith Samarakoon, said, 'We should also try and stop foreign exchange outflow at least as a temporary measure.
For the second consecutive year, Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange has ranked on the Growth 500 program.
The central bank's foreign exchange reserves are $9bn, sufficient to cover imports of only 47 days, annual exports are $23.2bn against imports of $60.8bn and the trade deficit is $37.6bn or more than 160pc of exports.
KB Kookmin Bank is also attracting foreign customers with its expanded wire transfer and foreign exchange services.
The government in order to stabilise its dwindling foreign exchange reserves has resorted to the same old strategy of securing loans, however, this time around it's not the IMF but another financial organisation.

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