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see engrossingengrossing,
in English law, practice of acquiring a monopoly of goods in order to sell them at an inflated price. The offense was ordinarily limited to monopolies of foods. Related practices were forestalling, i.e.
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Besides the aforementioned links between the forestalling problem and sundry issues vividly debated within libertarianism, the question of forestalling plays a fundamental role in the theory of property rights.
On Washington's public assurances that it has no intention to invade North Korea, the statement said, ''It is a promising assurance of security, but the advertisement is no more than a smoke-screen to hoodwink the world public, slacken our strain and then make a forestalling attack on us.''
Enron repercussions may be slowing commercial leasing volume as firms scramble to restate earnings, which may be forestalling them from signing leases.
* Sometimes the confusion even causes parents to beat a hasty retreat by forestalling the decision and not sending the child to camp in the intended year.
"In the last (federal) election, the rural areas went Reform and the cities went NDP and the church has worked at not letting that (kind of division) happen," he said, pointing to three recent initiatives aimed at forestalling resentments among parishes in the country and those in the see city, Saskatoon.
Japanese steel industry officials said the complaint is seen aimed at forestalling Japanese steelmakers' advance into Venezuela.
Some left critics have even argued that charity, by alleviating the worst excesses of poverty, has served the masters of the market economy by forestalling revolution.
With Levine, art (or "appropriation," as her gesture was called back then) could be made, for a minute there anyway, simply by forestalling this heroic battle and proffering in place of a compelling new vision a deadpan replica of the antecedent work.
Forestalling criticisms that such modern invention is inappropriate in this building, both Thornton and Richardson observe that having taken the decision to install a gallery, they 'loathed the idea of a Soane pastiche', and that Soane himself was inventor as well as architect, and a man who understood the importance of using the most advanced technology available.