form board

form board, form liner, form lumber

A board or a sheet of wood used in formwork.
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CIPLC also produces and markets; solvent cement, gutters, electrical conduits, PE water-pipes, water proof metal tanks, septic tanks, garden water-pipes, national compact ball-valves, Krypton electrical switches, sockets and accessories and Green wood form board Wadimbu.
Don't skip board and management dinners and other social functions; these events help to form board culture and help the board function more effectively, particularly during hard times.
Chipperfield Architects and McCarthy representatives also determined that the coffer ceiling beams would carry epoxy-coated rebar and warrant single-use of Peri form board to maintain finish consistency, eliminate camber and spalling, and impart hard 90-degree effect on the grids' most visible portions.
His mental age was ten years on Development Screening Test and his performance Intelligence Quotient on Seguin Form Board Test 125, revealing an above average intelligence.
Expo sure-related deficits were the strongest for motor speed (Finger Tapping Task), motor coordination (Santa Ana Form Board), visuospatial performance (Stanford-Binet Copying Test), and visual memory (Stanford-Binet Copying Recall Test).
Kaufmann (personal communication, 1996), who used spatial visualization tests of the form board type as the basis for his findings, also suggests that with increasing task difficulty boys, more than girls, may engage in cognitive processes of a visual kind.
This supports the waterproofing membrane of the deck, typically constructed of steel, concrete, wood, or form board. Is there evidence of bowing, sagging, rusting, or water damage?
Stretch a strong string (mason's line) along the top edge of the form board. As you set the braces, make sure the form board lines up with the string.
10 ANCHOR a form board against the side of the step, moisten the area and pack in the repair mix.