form board

form board, form liner, form lumber

A board or a sheet of wood used in formwork.
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Don't skip board and management dinners and other social functions; these events help to form board culture and help the board function more effectively, particularly during hard times.
Before using 3 1/2-inch deck screws to secure the form boards to the stakes, draw some reference lines on the inside faces of the stakes to guide up-and-down form board placement.
Kaufmann (personal communication, 1996), who used spatial visualization tests of the form board type as the basis for his findings, also suggests that with increasing task difficulty boys, more than girls, may engage in cognitive processes of a visual kind.
Prepare a form board for placement by lifting it against a support stake and driving a couple of 3-in.
Tenders are invited for Supply- pvc form board and poly carbonate sheet as per specification and quantity in tender document.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Buts School Stamp It Animal Kingdom Zp,Stamp It Flowers Zp,Stamp It Fruits & Vegetables Zp,Lacing Shoe Hc29 Lgt,Shape Sorter Circle Sc12 Lgt,Counting On Elephant Jigsaw Pcl05 Lgt,Hand Counting Puzzle Al46 Lgt,Lion Puzzle Rised Elcp8 Viq, Form Board (Shape) Sc06 Lgt,Vegetable Set Plastic V919
Tenders are invited for Supply of pvc form board 10 mm thick.
Tenders are invited for Materials /equipments for Strengthening district resource centres on ie and for cwsn of khordha district-Teaching Material Required for Children with Mental Retarded (MR KIT) for DRC-Seguin Form Board,M.