form board

form board, form liner, form lumber

A board or a sheet of wood used in formwork.
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Tenders are invited for Supply of pvc form board 10 mm thick.
Don't skip board and management dinners and other social functions; these events help to form board culture and help the board function more effectively, particularly during hard times.
EcoBlu Products Receives Overwhelming Field Response for Concrete Form Board
Furthermore, DELMIA(TM) V5 brings to users all the capabilities to define and simulate all processes and resources needed to manufacture the harness on the form board.
0 includes modular design capability, dual mode labor and material cost calculation tools and the ability to generate full scale manufacture drawings for an entire family of harnesses on a single form board.
Tenders are invited for Materials /equipments for Strengthening district resource centres on ie and for cwsn of khordha district-Teaching Material Required for Children with Mental Retarded (MR KIT) for DRC-Seguin Form Board,M.
Bhatia Battery of Performance Intelligence Test,Indian Childs Intelligence Test (ICIT),Segiun Form Board Test with Manual and Answer Sheets,Development Assessment Scales for Indian Infants
We will form boards in the hung municipalities," she said.
For that all Muslim countries should form boards of prominent religious scholars to chalk out a plan to expose the ugly face of this ideology wearing the mask of Islam and wreaking havoc on the Muslim world.
SB 270 gives OSU the option of switching to governance by an independent board this year, and allows the four regional schools to form boards of their own at a later date.
The Sault contractor is experimenting with it on their concrete work, spraying it on their form boards in place of conventional form oil (a release agent to prevent the boards from sticking to the concrete).