form liner

form board, form liner, form lumber

A board or a sheet of wood used in formwork.
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"The manufacturer has a machine that mills down the ribs in the form liner to create the outline of the image," says Gate Director of Marketing and Sales Marshall Bassett.
The decorative relief on the facade is created with the poured concrete system, which incorporated a pattern synthetic form liner that was placed inside the formwork.
The exterior precast walls were cast with Glen-Gery thin-brick and sandblast type finish (via form liner) with colored concrete to provide a comprehensive exterior finish.
According to Alex Young, the bridge and structures architect for the Washington State Department of Transportation, the construction cost for installing a concrete noise wall using a rubber form liner custom -designed for an aesthetic treatment is above the same as the cost of using a commercially available rubber form liner.
The buffer stations handle anything that takes more time than normal to set up, such as laying in brick in a form liner, placing numerous reveals not created by a form liner, and complex shapes (circles, curves, angles, etc.).
Company has published a six-page Ezy-Stryp Magnet Solution brochure that features a complete line of magnetic products for the concrete products industry: button and bar, utility and lifting device, coil and ferrule base, form liner, hole former, and pipe magnets, plus adapters and stackable magnetic side rails.
Using the form liner along the north side of the building made it difficult to get a consistent color resulting in each panel being a slightly different shade.
For more information circle these numbers: Fold and form liner 148 Grout 149 Utility contractor 150