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, formol
a 40 per cent solution of formaldehyde in water, used as a disinfectant, preservative for biological specimens, etc.



(also Formol), an aqueous (usually 37–40 percent) solution of formaldehyde containing 4–12 percent methanol as a stabilizer; a colorless liquid with a characteristic pungent odor. During prolonged storage, especially in the cold, Formalin becomes cloudy as a result of the formation of a white precipitate— paraformaldehyde. It is used as a convenient source of formaldehyde, for example, in the preparation of polyvinyl formal. It is also used as an antiseptic and deodorant, for example, to disinfect dwellings, clothing, utensils, and hands, to preserve anatomical specimens, and for syringing. It is used in the tanning of leather and as a fungicide in the germination of seeds, tubers, and spermous root crops before sowing or planting.

Formalin is a component of formaldehyde paste and formidron, which are administered to persons suffering from hi-drosis, and lizoform, which is used for syringing and for disinfecting hands and dwellings. Formalin has a moderate toxic effect on humans and warm-blooded animals. [27–1609–1 ]


An aqueous solution of formaldehyde, usually 37% formaldehyde by weight.
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It was found that garlic oil has an inhibiting effect on the development of formalin inflammation.
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During gross anatomy dissection, exposure to formaldehyde vapors and contact with formalin can cause adverse effects.
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The organizers even have liquid ammonia on hand to resuscitate anyone who faints at the sight of the disfigured faces of drug addicts or the embryo of an addict's baby in formalin.
A DAD was found slumped over his daughter's grave after drinking formalin.
Under the new joint management, Mitsubishi Chemical and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical will provide butylaldehyde and formalin, respectively, and the latter will produce those chemicals at its facilities and purchase the products from the joint venture for sales.

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