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(organic chemistry)
A compound containing the HCOO‒functional group.



(or formiate), a salt or ester of formic acid. The most important ester formates are the methyl formic ester (methyl formate, HCOOCH5) and ethyl formic ester (ethyl formate, HCOOC2H3). Both are colorless liquids with a pleasant odor. The melting point of methyl formate is 31.5°C, and that of ethyl formate, 54.1°C. Both esters are commercially prepared from carbon monoxide and the corresponding alcohol. They are used as solvents and fumigants and in organic synthesis; for example, ethyl formate is used in the preparation of vitamin B1. Certain ester formates are used as aromatic substances in the manufacture of perfumes. The esters of orthoformic acid are sometimes classified as formates.

The most important salt formate is the sodium salt HCOONa, which is used in the preparation of oxalic acid.

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In line with the outlined strategies, we therefore decided to incorporate acidic characteristic of sulfuric acid with microporosity of activated charcoal, and so using it as an efficient promoter system for N-formylation of amines by ethyl formate.
After that, calcium formate begins to decompose and generate calcium oxide.
According to the detected genes for glucose metabolism, they elucidated the fungal carbohydrate metabolism pathway and postulated that the metabolites for Neocallimastix frontalis were acetate, ethanol, formate, lactate, succinate and a-ketoglutarate, which was oxidized from oxaloacetate by aconitase and isocitrate dehydrogenase.
With the identification of the two genes that are essential for formate respiration, investigators now hope they have enough data to generate knowledge that will lead to a better understanding of what makes Campylobacter so good in colonizing the chicken gut and causing disease in humans.
Since a slower initial swelling rate was preferred, the rest of the tests, except for the test to compare effects of surface area, were conducted with sodium formate as the water-swelling agent.
However, at the level of several valve stations that ensure alternate distribution of potassium formate to the low-temperature display cases for freezing and defrosting, fluid leakages have been found during the first two years of operation.
If the aromatic molecule is changed from pyrene to methyl naphthalene, non-symmetric adsorption of ethyl formate is observed (Figure 3), indicating that the direction of the hydrogen bonding can be controlled by functionalization of the aromatic ring.
The other members are acetic acid and methyl formate, already known space residents.
This has come in two forms in recent years: enhanced acetate de-icers and the introduction of new formate based de-icers.
This material, absolutely critical for anyone designing youth programs, is presented in an easily digestible formate.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of a granulated anti-ice-cold chemical reagent on a formate basis
Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the company is a provider of rubber and specialty carbons, activated carbon, inkjet colorants, cesium formate drilling fluids, fumed silica and aerogel.