formation light

formation light(s)

Lights fitted on aircraft to enable other aircraft to fly formation at night. They are normally located so as not to be visible from the ground or to other aircraft at some distance away.
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One of those panels, the T355 panel, has a rear formation light attached to it.
So make sure the rear formation light is disconnected first before removing screws and panels.
The accessories, such as the formation light and multiple fasteners, are included and pre-installed," said Covington.
Post-flight analysis of the aircraft found that a formation light transformer rectifier, located in the cockpit, had failed in flight and had begun to smolder, producing toxic smoke and fumes.
Light mobile units within the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) will soon have a new electronic-support-measures (ESM) capability, courtesy of the Formation Light Electronic Warfare System (FLEWS) program.
The Rhino flashed his external lights to take the lead (he later told me that my position lights were on, but my formation lights and strobes were off), and then turned right about 30 degrees, putting Ali Al Salem on the nose.
When working with the formation lights on your Chinook, it is not necessary to cut the wires to remove them or to gain access to other components.
So, the next time you're working with the formation lights, just unsnap the wires like it says in IETM 1-1520-240-23&P and don't cut them.
Also, both aircraft placed their position lights on bright and turned the formation lights on high to increase our ability to see each other throughout the pattern.
We turned off our position lights, and I kept on my formation lights but very dimly.

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