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(of tissues and cells in certain parts of an organism) capable of growth and differentiation



a component of a word that is isolated when a word is divided into meaningful units, or morphemes, but that does not itself have any independent meaning. A formative may be used to connect morphemes in a word, as in the connecting vowel -o- in Russian compound words, for example, vod-o-voz (“water carrier”). Formatives also form stems with a regular morphophonemic structure; in Russian, for example, a jot is added to foreign stems ending in a front vowel, as in the adjectives šosse-j-nyj (“highway”) and čili-j-skij (“Chilean”). Formatives may also be used to impart a regular phonological structure to a word; in Bidjandjara, an Australian language, the formative -ra- is added to stems ending in a consonant, since words may not end in a consonant in this language. The term “formative” is sometimes used in a broader sense as a synonym of “affix.”

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Formative assessment is particularly effective in establishing rapport and determining individual student needs.
On the bases of the argument given above it is forcefully claimed that improved formative assessment can raise the standards of learners' achievement.
If there are several vowels in a strong formative, the stress is placed on the rightmost full vowel (7) in the formative.
Such qualities are integral to formative assessments, prompting and furthering learning.
Connected to specific feedback is another key to sound, formative assessment: planning for students to take more responsibility for their own learning.
In colleges, part of this formative assessment may relate to essays and assignments written by students.
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In the mathematics classroom, formative assessments that gather such critical information are both informal and formal (e.
With specific suggestions and strategies, "The Formative Five" will help teachers, principals, and anyone else who has a stake in education prepare their students (and themselves) for a future in which the only constant will be change.
Conclusion: Transition from frequent to combined block assessment with regular formative assessment has positive effect on learning, personal grooming and performance in summative assessment.
Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of Formative Assessment in enhancing learning among dental students, and to interpret the assessment from students' perspective in this regard.