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(of tissues and cells in certain parts of an organism) capable of growth and differentiation
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a component of a word that is isolated when a word is divided into meaningful units, or morphemes, but that does not itself have any independent meaning. A formative may be used to connect morphemes in a word, as in the connecting vowel -o- in Russian compound words, for example, vod-o-voz (“water carrier”). Formatives also form stems with a regular morphophonemic structure; in Russian, for example, a jot is added to foreign stems ending in a front vowel, as in the adjectives šosse-j-nyj (“highway”) and čili-j-skij (“Chilean”). Formatives may also be used to impart a regular phonological structure to a word; in Bidjandjara, an Australian language, the formative -ra- is added to stems ending in a consonant, since words may not end in a consonant in this language. The term “formative” is sometimes used in a broader sense as a synonym of “affix.”

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Teachers are best able to personalize and differentiate instruction when they are working from a current snapshot of what students understand and can do, Quick and frequent formative assessments prepare teachers to meet diverse students' needs.
To our knowledge, no study in Pakistan has analyzed the impact of formative assessment on grades attained in the end of course summative assessment in the subject of pathology.
Formative bots can be integrated with any enterprise communication platform, and Workplace by Facebook is the first they will be launched.
Formative assessment also known as assessment for learning, is a major source for improvement of students' learning (Clark, 2010; Eyal, 2012; Johannesen, 2013).
Low stakes assessment can comprise of the class tests with major emphasis on formative assessment i.e giving students timely and detailed qualitative feedback whereas Mid stakes assessments can be taken in the middle and towards the end of the academic year comprising of larger content from the syllabus.
Latent variables are not originally fixed as either reflective or formative, in fact, it depends on theoretical considerations.
Research on formative assessment presents particular challenges, even though the benefits are widely acknowledged (Black & Wiliam, 1998; Dunn & Mulvonen, 2009; Fuchs & Fuchs, 1986).
Formative assessments as used by teachers come in many forms during instruction to gauge their students' learning against learning objectives (Clark, 2013).
This view limits the potential for assessment to inform teaching and learning--known by many as formative assessment.
"The Formative Five: Fostering Grit, Empathy, and Other Success Skills Every Student Needs" is a lively, engaging and instructive study by veteran school leader Thomas R.

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