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WhatsApp's latest update for iOS users allow them to send formatted text. This will allow users to send text in bold, italics or strikethrough, and is only available for WhatsApp v2.12.17 on iOS.
The program generates a formatted text document that preserves the layout format, character, font and style of the original document.
For example, the formatted text in the previous paragraph would be tagged as follows:
Figure 3 shows examples of the formatted text. Figure 4 shows the straight text representation of the RTF-encoded information from the first figure.
Key Product Features: - Easy-to-use for cell phone users (no logins, single-click access) - Support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP, ICQ, AOL-IM, SMS, MMS, WAP, WAP Push - Turns any POP3/IMAP Internet mailbox into instant wireless messaging station - Complete access to e-mail including formatted text, images or even attachments like MS Word, etc.
HTML and Multi part (MIME)message capability enables the inclusion of formatted text, HTML, attached files and embedded objects into emails that are viewable regardless of the type of mail client used.
Formatted text, images and links between topics can be quickly added.
If you do decide tosend your campaign or newsletter in HTML format you should still offer a nicely formatted text alternative.
End-users will be able to order the complete text (formatted text and graphics) of any article by placing bibliographic citations in an electronic shopping cart.
Equation Illustrator V has been designed to ease the difficult task of combining graphics and complicated formatted text such as math equations in electronic and printed documents.
In the works are ways to post copy on a web site, including the delivery of industry-standard formatted text, and attaching a tracking link so that a reader may click through to the original site.
For transferring email over networks that use TP, the SMTP and MIME have emerged as complementary standards, and MIME for "rich" message content such as formatted text, voice, and binary files.