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see divinationdivination,
practice of foreseeing future events or obtaining secret knowledge through communication with divine sources and through omens, oracles, signs, and portents.
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I am not a fortuneteller, but I know Imran Khan's downfall is imminent.'
Not speaking a word of English, she informed Audrey and me that she had studied psychology and philosophy before becoming a fortuneteller. On most weekdays, she saw 20 people ?
Rainsy, responding to Hun Sen's statements from Washington, DC, where he was set to meet Cambodian supporters, said in an email to The Post that the prime minister is a 'very good fortuneteller'.
Is it morally wrong to consult a psychic or fortuneteller?
Asked whether the coming president would be Deputy Michel Aoun, Deputy Sleiman Franjieh or a consensual president, she said "I am not a fortuneteller and this is not the role of the United Nations".
Synopsis: A fortuneteller hires a detective to find her missing son in Todd Shimoda's existential noir mystery "Why Ghosts Appear".
Dear knobkerrie, are you a friend, a medical doctor or a fortune-teller Dear knobkerrie, child of the black and white cow Dear knobkerrie, you from the beautiful raisin bush That carries sweet wild dry raisins Are you friend, a medical doctor or a fortuneteller? When I brag it's you by me When I hunt or guard sheep, it's you by me When I am attacked, it's you by me When I stumble due to age, it's you by me Are you a friend, a medical doctor?
In her column, she continues to cite Lajm and writes "you do not need to be a fortuneteller here to give the correct prediction that an unsettled conflict is hiding under the surface but this appeal can only be seen as realization of the prediction.
Charting the rise and fall of a fortuneteller who reads people like an open book, but remains blind to sea changes behind the corridors of power, this stately production is an elegant vehicle for a cast toplined by Song Kang-ho and Lee Jung-jae.
user should send the photos to the fortunetellers. The user can select a fortuneteller from the website list of fortunetellers.
According to, the drama revolves around the personality of a fortuneteller that scams people and is revealed for the fraud he really is.
London, Sep 18 ( ANI ): Injured England star Wayne Rooney will bounce back to have a long and healthy life, a fortuneteller has predicted.