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Now, gentlemen," said Harris to the two of us, "I must trouble you to step forward with the rest.
But suddenly there rose a cry of "/Twala, y' Twala/," and out of the press sprang forward none other than the gigantic one-eyed king himself, also armed with battle-axe and shield, and clad in chain armour.
But in the meantime three men had come forward and lifted stout William from the ground and found that he was not dead, though badly shaken by his heavy fall.
Prince Andrew stepped forward from among the suite and said in French:
Tarzan grabbed the Belgian about the waist, and bearing him beneath his arm as he might have borne a sack of flour, leaped forward in an attempt to break through the cordon.
Having taught Numa the rudiments of being driven, he now urged him forward and there commenced as strange a journey as the unrecorded history of the jungle contains.
More than one leaped into the air and fell forward upon their faces.
As soon as he had jumped off, the horse struggled to his feet, plunged forward, gave one leap and another, neighed again, and dragging the drugget and the breechband after him, disappeared, leaving Vasili Andreevich alone on the snow-drift.
At the same moment he casually slipped his foot forward through the grass for a matter of several inches.
People leaned forward to watch her and to try to catch the words of the song.
Why don't you walk straight forward yourself," said the Son.
Dunning has had the fight of his life," thought the major, and was about to ride forward.