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2003 / Deployed to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom as part of a forward engineering support team
Evonik Industries and Forward Engineering have established the joint venture VESTARO GmbH.
The purpose of this research was to conduct the analysis of reverse and forward engineering by calculating the function point and line of code of software.
Stockton Riverside College and NETA Training Trust have joined forces in a move that will drive forward engineering and vocational training in Stockton.
"The idea of doing forward engineering with these cell-based structures is very exciting," Bashir said.
There are two ways to accomplish this: forward engineering and reverse engineering.
Due to his diverse engineering background and experience in conducting engineer reconnaissance as an Army engineer, the commander of the 565th Engineer Detachment Forward Engineering Support Team (Honolulu District) was requested by name and chosen to represent USACE in this effort.
Reverse engineering is the opposite of forward engineering. It takes an existing product, and creates a CAD model, for modification or reproduction to the design aspect of the product.
The work utilizes Medisyn's Forward Engineering technology platform to identify, analyze and optimize promising bioactive compounds.
"The main barrier to this level of integration is the need for a standard high-speed communications protocol implemented by the manufacturers of each system," says Olivier ttaynauld, BWI's manager of forward engineering controlled suspensions.

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