forward error correction

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forward error correction

[′fȯr·wərd ′er·ər kə‚rek·shən]
The location and correction of errors occurring in data communications by the receiver without retransmission of data.
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Forward Error Correction

(FEC) A class of methods for controling errors in a one-way communication system. FEC sends extra information along with the data, which can be used by the receiver to check and correct the data.

A CPU writing data to RAM is a kind of one-way communication - see error correcting memory and error checking and correction.
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forward error correction

The primary method for detecting and correcting errors in transmitted data. Forward error correction (FEC) adds bits to the outgoing message, and the receiving end uses those bits to detect and correct errors. See channel coding.
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Error-correcting codes are types of error control coding techniques that are used a noisy communication channel to detect and correct errors at the receiving end in case of forward error correction, they have been described by Bruen and Forcinito, 2011; Huffman and Pless, 2003; Peterson and Weldon, 1972, [7, 19, 20].
Leveraging the DVB-S2 EN 302 307 LDPC/BCH standard, the CDM-750 provides a blend of coding and forward error correction (FEC) to ensure that the maximum amount of satellite traffic is transported for a given signal to noise capacity.
Examples of the CDM-625's advanced technologies are VersaFEC(R) forward error correction, Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) and DoubleTalk(R) Carrier-in-Carrier(R) bandwidth compression.
In addition, he supports an Office of Naval Research funded project on topside electromagnetic interference mitigation using forward error correction methods in digital communications.
Northrop Grumman and Digital Fountain have demonstrated the ability to improve military datalink range, reliability and throughput using advanced forward error correction (FEC) technology.
Turbo codes are added for forward error correction, in addition to adaptive modulation.
The network design also uses all pluggable optics, even for long haul 10 Gb/s traffic thanks to Transmode's Dual 10G Transponder with G.709 Forward Error Correction and XFP optics.
After an introduction to digital communications, he presents chapters on information theory, forward error correction coding, code division multiple access, multiuser detection in CDMA systems, and multiple antenna systems.
"Our participation in the VidTran's interoperability demonstration of Forward Error Correction is part of our ongoing commitment to provide standards-based content processing solutions for wide-scale IPTV deployments," stated Mark Tiedeman, vice president of Marketing at Tut Systems.
The tester features Poisson error insertion and variable optical output power functions to evaluate forward error correction (FEC) used with OTN equipment.

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