forward-looking infrared

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forward-looking infrared (FLIR)

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A FLIR using parallel processing.
An infrared system that examines the forward field of view by a rectilinear scanning action. The system is used for navigating and targeting in adverse weather and at night. It uses two techniques for processing. In serial processing, a signal detector is used to scan line by line and element by element. In parallel processing, a linear array of detectors is used to scan element by element. Usually, the linear array covers the elevation field of view, and the scanning action covers the azimuth field of view.
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The RRAMNS system integrates ground-probing radar, metal detection and forward-looking infrared imaging with a mine-protected vehicle, said Tom McNiff, a company spokesman.
Botswana Police Service Air Support Branch acquired an initial three AS350 B3s and these were upgraded for night operations with a forward-looking infrared camera and modified pilots instrument panel and observer s console that were night vision goggle compatible.
A Strike Fighter Squadron 82 F/A-18C Hornet sustained Class A damage when the forward-looking infrared pod separated from the aircraft during flight over the Atlantic Ocean on 28 May.
The Mi-24PN has the Raduga-Sh TV station with a Zarevo forward-looking infrared (FLIR) sensor mounted centrally under the nose, as well as an intertial-navigation/GPS system.
An additional field of view allows image blending with the M-TADS forward-looking infrared, and enables pilots to see civilian and military lighting on a single display more clearly.
When intelligence was received about possible terrorist activities on one of these vessels, an SH-60B launched from Port Royal and localized the vessel using live forward-looking infrared sensor (FLIR) video.
It features a forward-looking infrared (FLIR) thermal sight, an eye-safe laser rangefinder, a digital ballistic computer, and an improved turret-stabilization system.
The aircraft will also be equipped for day/night operations, have high-definition, forward-looking infrared radar and a four-axis autopilot, said Eurocopter.
The AT pod features advanced image processing for target identification and coordinate generation; forward-looking infrared sensor; charge-coupled device television sensors; laser spot tracker/range finder; infrared laser marker; and an infrared laser designator.
Key systems included in the SH-2G(A) are the Telephonics (Farmingdale, NY) AN/APS-143B(V)3 radar with an inverse synthetic-aperture-radar capability, the Raytheon (Lexington, MA) AN/AAQ-27 forward-looking infrared sensor, and the Elisra (Bene Beraq, Israel) AES-210 electronic-support-measures system

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