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Although the fossilized footprints are a big step, so to speak, they're only considered trace fossils--indirect evidence of an animal's presence--which means there's a good chance that actual fossilized bones are still out there somewhere, just waiting to be discovered.
from=salesummary&intObjectID=5672783&sid=0a202bed-d633-4f5c-8f33-fbe1d8be7857) fossilized fragment of a Dodo's femur bone which sold for $12,391, slightly under the auction's estimate.
Researchers have found what appear to be remnants of pigment in fossilized feathers, opening the possibility of reconstructing the colors of many long-extinct animals.
In late March, a nearly complete fossilized mammoth was discovered at the site of the 250-home Meridian Hills project.
The fossilized remains are those of at least two human beings, an adult and a child, according to the Takososan Kaseki Kenkyukai.
His experiences include adventure travelling, wildlife photography, diving and mining for fossilized sharks teeth in the Cooper River of South Carolina, small creeks in Florida and Bakersfield, California.
Caption: Fossilized eggshells of the dinosaur Heyuannia huangi harbor pigments that would have colored the shells in shades of blue and brown.
The burrow revealed two unrelated vertebrate animals nestled together and fossilized after being trapped by a flash flood event.
The events that led to the discovery began in 1985, when rancher Dave Hein found some pieces of fossilized bone lying on a hillside.
In late March, a fossilized mammoth was discovered near the 250-home Meridian Hills project.
What's more, the fossilized (turned to stone) egg contains the perfectly preserved remains of a developing pterosaur (TER-uh-soar, flying reptile related to dinosaurs).
The fossilized primate remains in Myanmar are the oldest so far discovered.