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What does it mean when you dream about a fight?

Because life itself is so full of conflicts, dream fights can refer to any number of different struggles in our everyday life. Also, the culture in which we are raised can place so many conflicting demands upon us that we are filled with inner tensions, and these various inner conflicts can all be symbolized in dreams as physical fights. As with all dream symbols, the tone and setting of the dream indicate which meaning is applicable.

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Traditionally, Indian writers have fought shy of talking about themselves, and of the great classical writers of India like Kalidasa we know very little.
Nick Robinson finds out Why politicians, Who might once have fought shy of tackling the issue for fear of being branded as racists, NOW appear to be competing to pledge to clamp DOWN.
Since Hannah's scintillating success her home town has not fought shy of garlanding her with honours.
I, LIKE many, have envied the higher and more commanding driving position of rugged 4x4s but have fought shy of running up the high fuel and tax bills many of them incur.
This is primarily because of the fact that parties have always fought shy of giving enough tickets to Muslims.
Shadow Chancellor George Osborne has already admitted that his own party has "fought shy of using the C-word" and agreed that all parties should be honest enough to admit there will have to be spending cuts whoever wins.
Unfortunately, the layers have fought shy of providing total points prices.
She said employers sometimes fought shy of tribunals unnecessarily, often because they were not confident they had the policies and procedures in place that are demanded by law.
Downing Street has always fought shy of outlawing the practice,fearing the outraged headlines in the Daily Mail about the ``nanny state'' gone mad.
We have never fought shy of recognising that there has been a decline in some areas of the Welsh-speaking heartlands.
The capital did come calling in the mid-70s, but instead of buying into pure talent, the then Radio 1 controller Johnny Beerling eventually fought shy of hiring someone with a Brummie accent.
POLITICIANS have always fought shy of introducing privacy laws because they can't see how to get round the obvious accusation that they are protecting themselves so they can sleep safely in someone else's bed.