foul sewer

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soil pipe, soil line

A pipe which conveys the discharge of water closets or fixtures having similar functions, with or without the discharges from other fixtures. Also see cast-iron soil pipe.
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Saying that, we approached this project believing that anything we did would be an improvement and the physical site restrictions from such things as gas mains, foul sewers and ground levels actually dictated the size and shape of the end result".
While water running off the waste pile is draining safely to a foul sewer, contact with any residual water on the site should be avoided as a precaution.
"This leaked into the foul sewer and entered the sewage treatment works," the spokesman said.
The foul sewer connected to Building 1398, Road 225, Manama 302 has been overflowing again for a week after it was repaired in May.
Twenty-four West Midlands companies and organisations have so far won work supplying the ODA, including Barhale Construction, of Walsall, which will provide a deep foul sewer system and pumping station for the Olympic Park and has already posted subcontractor opportunities on CompeteFor.
At some properties foul sewer pipes have been connected to surface water pipes, resulting in washing machine residue and raw sewage ending in the brook."
Condensate can be disposed of down the foul sewer if treated by an oil-water separator, and provided the oil content is within the local sewage works' specified limit.
They also admitted that in seeking a grant of a waste management licence from the Environment Agency the company wrongly claimed that effluent from their plant at Marlborough Road on Wrexham Industrial estate ran into a foul sewer. They had also claimed that liquids draining from the process at Wrexham ran into an ash pit when in fact there was a waste stream under the floor.
Meanwhile, manager of Roads Projects Development Saoud al Tamimi said various projects in 2018 will include 758-km of local roads, development of 27,588 citizen land plots, 1,319-km of sewage and water supply networks and 763-km of foul sewer network.
These include the interim improvement of the A Ring-Road, treated sewage effluent tanker-filling stations, new health centres, and a foul sewer network.
Tameer chairman Sameer Al Nafisi said it would bear the costs and create the entire infrastructure and instal all services including roads, streets, electricity and water network, a foul sewer network and communications, as part of a deal with the Industry and Commerce Ministry.
However, some houses have a combined drainage system meaning that foul and surface water all drain to the foul sewer. If this is the case, all the water from your house goes to a sewage plant for treatment.