foul sewer

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soil pipe, soil line

A pipe which conveys the discharge of water closets or fixtures having similar functions, with or without the discharges from other fixtures. Also see cast-iron soil pipe.
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Saying that, we approached this project believing that anything we did would be an improvement and the physical site restrictions from such things as gas mains, foul sewers and ground levels actually dictated the size and shape of the end result".
At some properties foul sewer pipes have been connected to surface water pipes, resulting in washing machine residue and raw sewage ending in the brook.
Condensate can be disposed of down the foul sewer if treated by an oil-water separator, and provided the oil content is within the local sewage works' specified limit.
They also admitted that in seeking a grant of a waste management licence from the Environment Agency the company wrongly claimed that effluent from their plant at Marlborough Road on Wrexham Industrial estate ran into a foul sewer.
The construction of a 50km-long foul sewer drainage network too has been completed.
the works will include for the supply and installation of park furniture, signage, surface water drainage, and connection to foul sewer, provision of ducting for site lighting and all associated mechanical and electrical services.
The three projects aim at providing efficient and safe roads network for all future road users, as well as providing drainage and foul sewer infrastructure.
Tameer chairman Sameer Al Nafisi said it would bear the costs and create the entire infrastructure and instal all services including roads, streets, electricity and water network, a foul sewer network and communications, as part of a deal with the Industry and Commerce Ministry.
The trade effluent under the Water Resources Act shall not be deposited onto ground or foul sewer without consent to discharge.
The culvert drains surface water from a huge area above Crumlin and it is thought that there could be a mis-connection allowing waste, which should go to the foul sewer, into the surface water system and straight into the river.
He said the dairy diverted the surface water drain to the appropriate foul sewer.