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See meteorite.
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What does it mean when you dream about finding something?

Finding an object in a dream often symbolizes discovering something in our lives—finding our sense of self-identity; finding our place. The dream might also be drawing on the meaning of common idioms, such as to “find out,” “find one’s bearings,” or “fault finding.”

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(industrial engineering)
The therblig representing the mental reaction which occurs on recognizing an object at the end of the elemental motion search; now seldom used.
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(1) To search for text within the current document or Web page. Control-F in Windows and Command-F in the Mac open a search box for entering text. Pressing Enter starts the search and each subsequent press continues the search.

(2) (Find) An external DOS/Windows command that provides a "case sensitive" search for text in a file. Find is also used to locate files based on the text within the file name (see filters and pipes). Grep is the Mac/Unix/Linux counterpart to Find; however, there are third-party grep utilities for Windows as well (see grep).

The following example locates all the batch files in the current folder that contain the text XCOPY:
find "xcopy" *.bat
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Letwin defines Hobbes as a skeptical Christian who found God incomprehensible and revelation uncertain.
Has physics found God? The evidence is, at best, highly ambiguous.
Despite Newsweek's recent pronouncement that science has found God, Larson and Witham report an even lower degree of traditional religious belief among "greater" scientists than studies done by psychologist James Leuba in 1914 and 1933.
Her face was marked by worry, but after some weeks of work in the Home of the Dying, she came to me and said, "I have found God." "Where?" I asked her.
Emerson's eye drank in Nature and found God, but Guston's drinks a bottle.
She observes that a Christian peacemaker is to seek to stop war, to purify the world, to rescue people from poverty and riches, to heal the sick, to comfort the sad, to wake up those who have not yet found God, to create joy and beauty wherever one goes, and to find God in everything and everyone.
Convicted killer ( Chris Watts told investigators in an ( interview about the murders of his ( pregnant wife and two ( daughters that he has since found God.
A group of beardy chinstrokers are shuffling about in their Birkenstocks, slapping each other on the back and saying they've found God.
After he tells his grandfather all the days and ways he found God, he asks, "Where else could God be?" When he finds God can be in his heart he decides he wants to invite God to be in his heart and with him wherever he goes.
THE business partner of millionaire gangster John Friel yesterday claimed to have found God and given away his fortune.
Ignatius' examination of consciousness: Where have you found God today?
FANS of Boyzone star Shane Lynch are fuming after being charged EUR10 to hear how he found God.