foundation investigation

geotechnical investigation

A soil boring and sampling process (together with associated laboratory testing) required to establish the sub-surface profiles and relative strengths of the strata encountered at depths likely to have an influence on the design of a building project. Also called a subsurface investigation.
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The automaker has taken this step following a Thomson Reuters Foundation investigation that found child workers were dying in illegal, unregulated mines.
Some 15 girls have been rescued," said Rescue Foundation investigation officer, Nitin Narayan Mangekur.
His experience includes foundation investigation and design for existing dams and levees, storm-water/sewage systems, buildings and industrial oil/gas facilities.
A Social Market Foundation investigation also suggested that major towns and cities could lose their parks and gardens.
But a Social Market Foundation investigation concluded that around two million new homes would have to be built on either undeveloped countryside or on green belt round towns and cities.
The book detailed the horrific events of the 1914 Ludlow Massacre and subsequent Rockefeller Foundation investigation.
The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), hereinafter referred to as GDOT or the Department, is seeking proposals from prequalified firms interested in providing Wall Foundation Investigation - Drilling and Sampling.
Have extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of street design, hydraulics and hydrology, foundation investigation and design, utility design, surveying, geotechnical services, permit acquisition, and coordination with municipal, state and federal agencies.
Contract awarded for Procurement of Soil and Foundation Investigation Services at the Sites of the Proposed Construction of Medium Rise Buildings at MMDA Depot, Phase 2, Manggahan, Pasig City
Request for qualification: geotechnical and materials testing includes: soils foundation investigations, geological/seismic hazardous studies, slide stability analysis and repair recommendations, geotechnical engineering consultation and environmental site assessments.
As a result, foundation investigations and associated site characterization failed to identify a continuous glaciolacustrine layer in the vicinity of the breach and to recognize that it was susceptible to failure when subject to the stresses associated with the embankment.
Geotechnical work includes foundation investigations, slope and construction studies, earth structures, thermal and settlement analyzes, insulation and foundation designs as well as pile analysis design and inspection.
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